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Learning to love Autumn

So all of a sudden it looks like Summer is over and Autumn is here with a vengeance. The nights are getting darker earlier and the mornings are getting colder; the shorts have been  packed away and the tans are fading.

If I am totally honest-I don’t like Autumn! Facebook is full of posts going on about Halloween, Autumn clothes and beautiful colours. However, for me it just reminds me of what is around the corner, Winter! Yeah I love Christmas, absolutely love it, but I don’t like the cold and dark. Also, working in education September is HARD..

Anyway, enough negativity, I am not creating this blog to moan, quite the opposite in fact. I am all about embracing positivity. Here are a few things I am doing or have done to learn to love Autumn:

  1. Enrolled on a college course: I am a firm believer in constantly updating your learning. Being a massage and beauty therapist this is especially important as I want to be able to offer more and more treatments to my clients. Therefore I am doing a level three nail qualification. More than that though, it gives me something to look forward to in the evening once a week plus a break from the mundanity of the evening and bed time routine with the kids-if you are a mum you must be familirar with it-that time between coming in from school and bedtime. In summer it’s not so bad because you can go in the garden or to the park but mid week when its wet and cold it’s like ‘er what do we do’. So even if you aren’t looking to change careers or in need of professional development, consider doing a leisure course. You never know where it might take you.
  2. Setting fitness goals: I admit, the last few months I have been busy getting my business going and spending weekends at my parent’s caravan so my fitness and gym routine has all but disappeared. However, I know how much exercising improves my state of mind and the posivitity I gain from reaching fitness goals transfers to other aspects of my life too.
  3. Getting jobs done on the house: Ok so one advantage of the cold dark nights is no longer feeling compelled to be outside as much as possible. Therefore I can spend time doing all the things which need doing around the house-a huge on being decorating the hallway which has been an ongoing project since May 2015. Seriously.
  4. Making a vision board: If you have never heard of vision boards google it. It’s something I am involving the children in too but works on the premise that what you believe you have and what you ask of the universe you receive in abundance. Working in education, Septemeber feels like the start of a new year so perfect time to set goals.
  5. Reading/listening to audios: I do a mix of both these really. Audios are great for listening to at night and also in the car (obviously in the car you wouldn’t listen to anything which would make you feel sleepy). With audios I like to listen to personal development stuff (I prefer that term to self help). I absolutely love The Secret. In terms of reading I love a books which are a bit psychological but are still easy to read.

Do you love Autumn? What are you doing to make the last few months of the year fabulous for you xxxrubbish-weather


Happy Friday!

Starting the day with a delicious protein shake. 

I included one scoop of Vanilla protein, one scoup of chocolate, a few cacao nibs, cashew nut milk which is delicious and on offer for £1 in Sainsburys at the moment and finally Green’s balance. Green’s balance is a superfood concentrate which means basically you are getting tons of nutrients in one small serving.

I use the Acti blend to blend every up. I love Arbonne protein as its vegan based and gluten free and contains vitamins and minerals which stabilise bloody sugar levels. Perfect start to the day xxx

Have a good Friday xxx


Time to get serious

Ok so I admit it; since I posted about improving my diet, I really haven’t done an awful lot. Yes I have been enjoying a gorgeous protein shake in the morning  but I have still been quite bad in the evenings and feasting on chocolate as well as indulging in alcohol. Nor have I been to the gym.

So it is now 11.20pm on Monday September 19th. and I am pledging to get serious: I want to see result and I want to have more energy and better skin. Beauty comes from within. I am going to the effort of using amazing products on my skin but I also need to pay more attention to what is going into my body.

Therefore I am going to cut down on refined sugars and processed foods and make more effort to eat foods in their purest form. I want my body looking how it did six months ago when I was a running fanatic.

I have kind of fallen out of love with running but I definitely need to get back into some form of exercise. I am a member of a gym so I think it is time to start exploring some classes there to shake things up a bit.


Watch this space xxx


Healthy eating

To say I have over indulged where food and drink is concerned over the summer is an understatement!

I am normally fairly healthy and live by the 80:20 rule of everything in moderation. However with the kids being off and being lucky enough to be away most of the summer it’s more slipped into 1:99 in other words being healthy 1% of the time and naughty 99%.

Regardless, it’s been fun! Isn’t that what holidays are for? However I am now 8lbs heavier than I was two months ago and feeling very unhealthy. So it’s time to change.

I am using Arbonne nutrition to get back to feeling and looking my best. 

I will be having two protein shakes per day, one blended with fruit and a superfood supplement called Green’s balance also by Arbonne and the other for convenience will be a pre made one.

I’ll be including  a healthy meal along with snacking on fruit and replacing my usual coffee with Arbonne’s fizz sticks which are like a natural energy drink.

Here are my before pictures. I am aware I am by no means over weight but in comparison to my normal toned and slim figure I can feel the extra weight and my clothes do not feel good on me. 



Lately I have been looking more and more into the power of self belief and affirmations. Affimations are basically positive statements or quotes which sustain a positive mental attitude.

I’ve been listening to ‘The Secret’ on audio as I’m not great at focusing on reading but audio is great as I can listen while I’m doing a mundane task such as ironing. You really have to read or listen to it to comprehend but it works on the premise that what you put out into the universe you get back.

In other words if you have in your mind that you are already successful, have the things you want then that is what you receive. It’s really opened up my eyes and made me realise there is no point to having negative thoughts as it only attracts more negativity. For example someone might be of the mind set ‘people look down on me as I’m a single mum’. Well if you go around with that attitude in your head then that’s obviously what you are putting out there so you get it back in terms of how people see you.

Instead if you get in your head ‘people admire me for having the strength to successfully raise my children alone while carving out a career’ then you naturally radiate that image to people.

I could go on and on about the Secret and the Law of attraction but if you’ve already read it you will understand. If you haven’t read it then you need to!! 

In terms of affirmations these are personal statements about you and your life. They are different for everyone and change over time. 

Here are a few of mine

.. I am confident in approaching people of all backgrounds 

..I attract positive, likeminded people into my life

.. I am changing my life for the better,

I have about twenty and I read them to myself as often as possible 

What are your affirmations? Xx