Healthy eating

To say I have over indulged where food and drink is concerned over the summer is an understatement!

I am normally fairly healthy and live by the 80:20 rule of everything in moderation. However with the kids being off and being lucky enough to be away most of the summer it’s more slipped into 1:99 in other words being healthy 1% of the time and naughty 99%.

Regardless, it’s been fun! Isn’t that what holidays are for? However I am now 8lbs heavier than I was two months ago and feeling very unhealthy. So it’s time to change.

I am using Arbonne nutrition to get back to feeling and looking my best. 

I will be having two protein shakes per day, one blended with fruit and a superfood supplement called Green’s balance also by Arbonne and the other for convenience will be a pre made one.

I’ll be including  a healthy meal along with snacking on fruit and replacing my usual coffee with Arbonne’s fizz sticks which are like a natural energy drink.

Here are my before pictures. I am aware I am by no means over weight but in comparison to my normal toned and slim figure I can feel the extra weight and my clothes do not feel good on me. 


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