Health and Beauty Tips

Why Body Brush?

Who has heard of body brushing? I remember reading about it in a magazine many years and thinking ‘oh I’ll give that a go before my holidays’ so I kept it up daily for a couple of weeks along with a firming body lotion and actually noticed a difference in skin tone and appearance of cellulite.

Anyway once the Holiday was over the Winter clothes back on I didn’t see much point carrying on with it.

When I started studying massage at college I was introduced again to the benefits of body brushing.

It turns out variations of skin brushing have been used for thousands of years in different cultures. It can be performed using a dry body brush, exfoliating gloves or a warm loofa sponge but the body should always be dry when beginning brushing.

When brushing it is important to use swift sweeping movements towards the lymphatic ducts. 

This  increases blood circulation and aids lymphatic drainage of toxins and metabolic waste products.

Additional benefits of body brushing include;

🌟 improvement in muscle tone and skin firmness particularly when followed by a firming body lotion.

🌟relaxation of tense muscles.

🌟stimulation of the nervousness system and nerve endings of the skin

🌟smoother and brighter skin due to shedding of dead skin cells

🌟unclogging pores aiding the absobtion of nutrients and products.

I purchased this lovely body brush from Dunhelm Mill and follow a body brushing session with Arbonne’s RE9 body firming cream which can be bought Here


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