Don’t let negativity creep in…

It’s no Secret that I am a huge fan of the book The Secret and hold firmly the belief that what we think about we bring about.

Never the less, sometimes in reality it really is hard to keep those negative thoughts creeping in. Today, for example, I was feeling a bit fed up, the weather is cold, my kids have been bickering, I have a suspect dental abcess causing a lot of pain not to mention the lingering cough my daughter has which my son will inevitably catch. So yes, while I do try and put out positive thoughts and energy at times it’s a difficult challenge.

One thing which can help when the going gets tough though is visual reminders. I have a number of affirmations which I use daily. At times when I’m not feeling it, I will take out my note book and re write them. 

I have a lovely book a friend bought me some time ago called Start your Day with Katie which is an affirmation a day from the amazing Katie Piper. 

Another thing which can be helpful is uplifting songs. I have a few favourites but right now the one at the top of my play list is Robbie Williams ‘I love my life’. 

Additionally I have my gratitude journal which is a daily reminder to look for the positive in each day. 

I also have my vision board in my room which actually I am hoping to update and do a separate post on. Basically a vision board (or at least mine does) includes a collection of quotes and affirmations which have meaning with me along with pictures of what I want for the future such as travel goals, work goals and fitness goals. It’s a great thing to do as a family too.

I would love to hear in the comments what others do to try and keep their thoughts and vision positive. I think once you get into that spiral of ‘I’m so unlucky, this always happens to me etc…’ it’s hard to escape it. 



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