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I can see progress

So when I embarked on my 30 day challenge I decided to take a before photo. I put on a bikini which fitted me perfectly at the start of last summer and was shocked by how small it had become. 

My son took the before picture and even said ‘mum have you been eating loads of chocolate or something!!’

Now I am by no means body shaming or saying that I was overweight. At around 10 stone and 5ft 10 it’s pretty average. However, for me, the weight I was carrying was a reflection of my unhealthy lifestyle.

Five years ago a combination of healthy eating, exercise and stress of my marriage ending I lost the two stone I had gained from having kids and living off takeaways with then husband. For the next few years I managed to remain a size 8-10 weighing 9st 3 on a good day and 9st 7 after a treat weekend. Healthy eating and running coupled with the stress of job redundancy and various other life events  meant my weight kind of remained constant. 

However, the last six months I have been pretty busy getting my massage and beauty business going plus my part time job involves covering  lunch time in a school.  Not only has this made meal planning and organisation hard but also meant I wasn’t dedicating time to exercise. To add to that I spent a lot of time over summer and weekends at my parent’s caravan in the Lakes which is amazing but all to often picking up pizzas and chocolate for tea or nipping to the chippy also contributed to weight gain.

Since September I was aware the weight I worked so hard to lose was creeping back on but I got into the ‘start Monday’ mindset or ‘one treat won’t hurt, I’ll just be good tomorrow’ . Then of course there was Christmas where being an eating and drinking machine continued. Even in January I pledged to start on January first also embarking on Dry January which lasted a week. However I just wasn’t disciplined enough. I was still in the mind of ‘well I’ll have pizza tonight and be good tomorrow’ . 

As January was coming to an end I started to look into the 30 days to healthy living program properly as well as seeing some amazing results of people who had followed it. I realised that by just having the shakes and not embracing clean eating I was not only wasting money on quality shakes intended to support a healthy diet but was getting no where very quickly. My problem is though, I love food and I’ve always had a kind of all or nothing approach so I need something disciplined. I was at a point where I was craving sugar all the time and couldn’t stop at just one square of chocolate. 

I realised unless I took the plunge and embraced the full 30 day plan instead of dipping my toe in the weight would continue to creep on. 

So here I am on day 12. As I said in previous posts eliminating alcohol, sugar, wheat, dairy and gluten has not been easy. However knowing I have invested in the pack has helped me in sticking to it. Plus the shakes and supplementing drinks have helped bridge the gap between being a sugar addict on a diet of take away and ready meals to a full on clean eater. I prepare at least one meal from scratch every day and add berries, greens and nuts to my shakes so I’m getting so many nutrients.

I feel confident that once I have completed the plan my appetite and cravings levels will be reset. Bring on day 30! 


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