Welcome to my blog-I have titled this blog; enhancing my life for two reasons. Firstly because its primary focus is to share my journey as I strive to live a better life on all levels; as a parent, in my career, my health and my mind set and way of thinking. Secondly, one of the goals I am working towards is running a successful massage, beauty and holistic therapy business which I have called Enhance.

So this leads on then to my background really. Basically since leaving full time education at the age of 21 I have worked in education-until recently further education. It’s something which I loved particularly the interaction with students. However, while I do not want to get into political discussion, unfortunately further education took a big hit when funding cuts were made. After taking voluntary redundancy I decided to retrain in beauty therapy as its something which I have always had an interest in along with health and wellness. Anyway, this is what I did and I have recently started out with my own mobile business Enhance Massage and Beauty. I work part time in primary education but my ultimate aim to for my business to be financially viable enough for me to do it full time. This therefore leads me nicely to talk about my second business.

I am also an Independent Arbonne Consultant. I was introduced to Arbonne by a friend at the point when I was starting to look not only to use higher quality products in my treatments but also for something to run alongside my other commitments to boost my income and develop my business. Arbonne is a 35 year old ultra premium skincare, health and wellness company which operates by word of mouth or as its formally known ‘network marketing’ in order to bring the highest quality products to the consumer at a lower cost.

I was drawn to this business as not only do I have a passion for beauty but also for health and wellness and also generally focusing on developing a positive mind set and ‘can do’ attitude and surrounding myself with positive and likeminded people is so important; I have experienced far too much negativity in my working life and realised things needed to change. My goal now is to build my business and at the same time transform and inspire the lives of others. I love Arbonne and the products and I love being a massage and beauty therapist.

So now here I am at the beginning of my journey and I look forward to sharing it with you…



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