Welcome to my blog-I have titled this blog; enhancing our lives for a few reasons. Firstly because its primary focus is to share my journey as I strive to live a better life  with my children on all levels, making the best of what ever life throws at us. This leads to my next reason and the predominant focus of this blog. At the start of 2019 my goal was to make more of an effort with my home and inspired by cleaning and decluttering accounts on Instagram and Facebook I began my journey and have actually found enjoyment and satisfaction in both the process and the results.

This blog will therefore follow my journey as I make improvements to my home with regards to cleaning, de cluttering and DIY along with my top tips, hacks and ideas to help and inspire those in a similar situation.

I aim to do this with a sense of humor and honesty; my house is by no means a show home, far from it in fact. It is dated, certainly not decorated to my ideal tastes and there will no doubt be many disasters and fails along the way.

Without boring you too much of the detail at once I bought the house as a bargain in 2011 with my then husband. We split a year later meaning as a single parent I am hugely stretched for money and time. The little free time I do have the last thing I want is to be spending hours cleaning or doing DIY. At the same time however I want my home to be a nice place to be

So now here I am at the beginning of my journey and I look forward to sharing it with you…



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