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Getting back on track


Gosh it has been ages since I wrote a post. I have had a bit of a break from being on social media so much as I was finding it was taking over my life far too much when I was doing my network marketing business and I had no time for anything else.

Anyway, one thing which I have really been focusing on is exercise and eating better. I did my 30 day to healthy living in Feburary and I did feel amazing while I did it, but I hold my hands up and say that when it was over I 100% craved all the things I had banned. I know it works for some people but it did not for me as it was too strict.

However, after spending March and most April in eating overdrive and gaining the 4lbs I lost plus more I decided something had to be done. I have been sticking to having 1-2 shakes a day with added fruit, nuts or seeds as they fit in with my life meaning that I don’t need to think about what to make for breakfast or lunch. In addition to this I have been having a healthy tea. I haven’t cut anything specific out this time and have found because of that I have not craved it, nor have I been eating spoonfuls of nut butter simply because it was the only thing a little bit tasty that I was allowed.

I have also been motivated with the gym and been out running. With running I decided not to time myself and just stick to 5k and with the gym I am doing a mixture of classes and my own thing on the machines.

I definitely feel so much better when I am exercising and eating healthy however I don’t think restrictive diets are for me.

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Get back your fitness mojo…

Ok so I am the first person to admit I have a sporadic relationship with exercise at times.

My longest consistent span of regular exercise, however, actually lasted about 18 months and varied between gym visits and running 5k and 10k out doors. During this time I felt great and was eating pretty well too.

However, as I have said in previous posts this kind of took a nose dive in June when I had all my focus on working on my beauty and massage business along side a full time job coupled with spending most weekends and most of the summer away at my parent’s lovely caravan in the Lakes. All this was obviously very positive but unfortunately the thing which slipped was my exercise and in turn my eating habits went a bit rubbish too.

However I won’t go on too much about what I am doing as I have covered this in previous posts but I did want to share my tips for getting motivated to exercise.

  1. Schedule time each week when you will fit it in and treat it like you would going to work, in other words something which is non negotiable. I work on a appointment based schedule and now schedule my gym slots into my diary

2. Get yourself some proper gym stuff which makes you feel good-you don’t need to spend loads. Primark or Tesco have some lovely stuff which is quite cheap.

3. Do something you enjoy. For me it was running at one time but once I stopped enjoying it it became a chore. I will probably get back into it at some point but for now I am happy doing a mix of power walking up hill on the tread mill listening to a good audio and weights classes

4. If you are doing something like gym machines or running or walking, either get some good music downloaded or a good audio book. I am really into personal development so I love to listen to an audio while I workout and this way I am multi tasking and achieving two goals in one

5. Get some ‘fitspiration’ I like to look at ‘body goal’ pictures on Instagram and have a great vision of exactly how I want my body to look and feel and I keep that in mind if I feel unmotivated.

6 If you are a gym person, join the best one you can afford. For me the gym is about the whole experience, like nice changing rooms, hair dryers, hot showers. I think part of the reason I lost my mojo was because I joined a ‘budget’ gym and just didn’t enjoy the whole experience.

So there we have it, a few things which help me. If you have any more please drop me a comment below ..







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I can see progress

So when I embarked on my 30 day challenge I decided to take a before photo. I put on a bikini which fitted me perfectly at the start of last summer and was shocked by how small it had become. 

My son took the before picture and even said ‘mum have you been eating loads of chocolate or something!!’

Now I am by no means body shaming or saying that I was overweight. At around 10 stone and 5ft 10 it’s pretty average. However, for me, the weight I was carrying was a reflection of my unhealthy lifestyle.

Five years ago a combination of healthy eating, exercise and stress of my marriage ending I lost the two stone I had gained from having kids and living off takeaways with then husband. For the next few years I managed to remain a size 8-10 weighing 9st 3 on a good day and 9st 7 after a treat weekend. Healthy eating and running coupled with the stress of job redundancy and various other life events  meant my weight kind of remained constant. 

However, the last six months I have been pretty busy getting my massage and beauty business going plus my part time job involves covering  lunch time in a school.  Not only has this made meal planning and organisation hard but also meant I wasn’t dedicating time to exercise. To add to that I spent a lot of time over summer and weekends at my parent’s caravan in the Lakes which is amazing but all to often picking up pizzas and chocolate for tea or nipping to the chippy also contributed to weight gain.

Since September I was aware the weight I worked so hard to lose was creeping back on but I got into the ‘start Monday’ mindset or ‘one treat won’t hurt, I’ll just be good tomorrow’ . Then of course there was Christmas where being an eating and drinking machine continued. Even in January I pledged to start on January first also embarking on Dry January which lasted a week. However I just wasn’t disciplined enough. I was still in the mind of ‘well I’ll have pizza tonight and be good tomorrow’ . 

As January was coming to an end I started to look into the 30 days to healthy living program properly as well as seeing some amazing results of people who had followed it. I realised that by just having the shakes and not embracing clean eating I was not only wasting money on quality shakes intended to support a healthy diet but was getting no where very quickly. My problem is though, I love food and I’ve always had a kind of all or nothing approach so I need something disciplined. I was at a point where I was craving sugar all the time and couldn’t stop at just one square of chocolate. 

I realised unless I took the plunge and embraced the full 30 day plan instead of dipping my toe in the weight would continue to creep on. 

So here I am on day 12. As I said in previous posts eliminating alcohol, sugar, wheat, dairy and gluten has not been easy. However knowing I have invested in the pack has helped me in sticking to it. Plus the shakes and supplementing drinks have helped bridge the gap between being a sugar addict on a diet of take away and ready meals to a full on clean eater. I prepare at least one meal from scratch every day and add berries, greens and nuts to my shakes so I’m getting so many nutrients.

I feel confident that once I have completed the plan my appetite and cravings levels will be reset. Bring on day 30! 

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Setting goals and achieving them…

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been thinking about goals for the coming year. While I fully believe we can make resolutions to change aspects of ourselves or lives at anyone time; not just the start of a new year I think sometimes we kind of put stuff on hold over the festive season so we need that boot up the backside of the start of a new year.

AnywayI wanted to share what I have done as part of my goal setting and quest to self improvement. It’s something I heard about on Facebook from a lady who has been very successful with her Arbonne business. It relates to every aspect of life not just business or work.

You may be familiar with this method particularly if you have worked in the health sector, education or social work. It was totally new to me though.

Basically it involves the following:

1. Draw a large circle and divide it in half, then quarters, then Eighths and so on with lines. 

2. In each segment write an area of your life which is significant to you (e.g. Kids, work, diet, home, love)

3. Now along each line below where you have written your area write numbers one to 10

4. The next step is to rate on a scale of one to ten where you see yourself on each aspect.

5. Now take a journal and write in it why you have given yourself that number and also WHAT you need to do to move forward one point by this time next month (just one point even if you have a low rating for that area).

6. At the end of each month review each area and whether you feel you can move forward a point and once again write down what needs to be done to move forward another point next month.

It does take some time if you do it properly (it took me about an hour and a half) but if you are totally committed to self improvement it’s such a valuable exercise.

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Why Body Brush?

Who has heard of body brushing? I remember reading about it in a magazine many years and thinking ‘oh I’ll give that a go before my holidays’ so I kept it up daily for a couple of weeks along with a firming body lotion and actually noticed a difference in skin tone and appearance of cellulite.

Anyway once the Holiday was over the Winter clothes back on I didn’t see much point carrying on with it.

When I started studying massage at college I was introduced again to the benefits of body brushing.

It turns out variations of skin brushing have been used for thousands of years in different cultures. It can be performed using a dry body brush, exfoliating gloves or a warm loofa sponge but the body should always be dry when beginning brushing.

When brushing it is important to use swift sweeping movements towards the lymphatic ducts. 

This  increases blood circulation and aids lymphatic drainage of toxins and metabolic waste products.

Additional benefits of body brushing include;

🌟 improvement in muscle tone and skin firmness particularly when followed by a firming body lotion.

🌟relaxation of tense muscles.

🌟stimulation of the nervousness system and nerve endings of the skin

🌟smoother and brighter skin due to shedding of dead skin cells

🌟unclogging pores aiding the absobtion of nutrients and products.

I purchased this lovely body brush from Dunhelm Mill and follow a body brushing session with Arbonne’s RE9 body firming cream which can be bought Here


Time to get serious

Ok so I admit it; since I posted about improving my diet, I really haven’t done an awful lot. Yes I have been enjoying a gorgeous protein shake in the morning  but I have still been quite bad in the evenings and feasting on chocolate as well as indulging in alcohol. Nor have I been to the gym.

So it is now 11.20pm on Monday September 19th. and I am pledging to get serious: I want to see result and I want to have more energy and better skin. Beauty comes from within. I am going to the effort of using amazing products on my skin but I also need to pay more attention to what is going into my body.

Therefore I am going to cut down on refined sugars and processed foods and make more effort to eat foods in their purest form. I want my body looking how it did six months ago when I was a running fanatic.

I have kind of fallen out of love with running but I definitely need to get back into some form of exercise. I am a member of a gym so I think it is time to start exploring some classes there to shake things up a bit.


Watch this space xxx