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New Year’s Resolutions

Inevitably at this time of year, even if we are not ones for jumping on the ‘New Year, New Me’  band wagon, most of us start to reflect on the past year, make plans and set goals for the coming year. My new year’s resolutions  are usually along the lines of ‘eat healthily, exercise more, stop complaining, find a new job, be more organised’ – the same as most people my age with my kind of life style no doubt.

I have in the past set some which I have actually stuck to. One year (I think  2010) my goal was to do interesting learning activities with my kids-I kept this up until my youngest started nursery and actually blogged about the things we did. Another circa 2012 was to lose the weight I had gained while pregnant (yes I know I had my youngest in 2008). I joined slimming world and have actually managed to stay somewhere between a size 9

This year, however, I am looking to make my resolutions (or rather goals or aspirations) more specific.Having either worked or been in education for literally all my life, I am more than familiar with setting SMART targets along with ‘self assessment’ and goal setting’ . Additionally I have thought about aspects of my life which I need to improve on in order to make life easier and make me a better person living my life more effectively.

Therefore I prefer to call them New Year Plans rather than resolutions. Here they are:

1. Get up an hour earlier each day– I am constantly complaining that I don’t have enough time or that I am always rushing about.Plus I am basically a complete tress head in the mornings. Eventually my aim is to get up two hours earlier each morning (imagine all the extra things which can be done in those two hours).

2. Read at least 10 pages of a self development book each day– I am a huge believer in personal growth and development particularly since reading The Secret and fully understanding the power of our thoughts and self belief. This goes hand in hand with getting up earlier each morning as I will be fitting my reading in to this extra time.

3. Try one new recipe each week-  One area where I seriously lack is in the kitchen. My main issue is that I don’t particularly enjoy cooking coupled with the fact that being on my own with two fussy kids basically means if they don’t eat what I have prepared there is really only me to eat and enjoy it meaning all the effort in the kitchen seems a waste. None the less it’s an area I need to improve on and I have some great recipe books.

4.Exercise Daily-This doesn’t mean a full on workout every day, it could be as simple as 20 sit ups in the evening but every little bit adds up and contributes to the greater result. My goal is to do 30-60 minutes exercise at least 3 times a week combined with short bursts of exercise when I can.

I feel like I should have a fifth one as four seems an odd number (obviously I know it’s an even number). However goals such as being succesful in growing and developing my massage and beauty and network marketing businesses kind of interplay with the first two goals really. Getting up earlier will give me more time to get things done and personal development will increase my confidence, self belief and discipline.

I also hope to spend more time blogging and to get better at it.

What goals and resolutions are you setting for 2017 xx


Time to get serious

Ok so I admit it; since I posted about improving my diet, I really haven’t done an awful lot. Yes I have been enjoying a gorgeous protein shake in the morning  but I have still been quite bad in the evenings and feasting on chocolate as well as indulging in alcohol. Nor have I been to the gym.

So it is now 11.20pm on Monday September 19th. and I am pledging to get serious: I want to see result and I want to have more energy and better skin. Beauty comes from within. I am going to the effort of using amazing products on my skin but I also need to pay more attention to what is going into my body.

Therefore I am going to cut down on refined sugars and processed foods and make more effort to eat foods in their purest form. I want my body looking how it did six months ago when I was a running fanatic.

I have kind of fallen out of love with running but I definitely need to get back into some form of exercise. I am a member of a gym so I think it is time to start exploring some classes there to shake things up a bit.


Watch this space xxx


Here Goes-Introduction


Welcome to my blog-I have titled this blog; enhancing my life for two reasons. Firstly because its primary focus is to share my journey as I strive to live a better life on all levels; as a parent, in my career, my health and my mind set and way of thinking. Secondly, one of the goals I am working towards is running a successful massage, beauty and holistic therapy business which I have called Enhance.

So this leads on then to my background really. Basically since leaving full time education at the age of 21 I have worked in education-until recently further education. It’s something which I loved particularly the interaction with students. However, while I do not want to get into political discussion, unfortunately further education took a big hit when funding cuts were made. After taking voluntary redundancy I decided to retrain in beauty therapy as its something which I have always had an interest in along with health and wellness. Anyway, this is what I did and I have recently started out with my own mobile business Enhance Massage and Beauty. I work part time in primary education but my ultimate aim to for my business to be financially viable enough for me to do it full time. This therefore leads me nicely to talk about my second business.

I am also an Independent Arbonne Consultant. I was introduced to Arbonne by a friend at the point when I was starting to look not only to use higher quality products in my treatments but also for something to run alongside my other commitments to boost my income and develop my business. Arbonne is a 35 year old ultra premium skincare, health and wellness company which operates by word of mouth or as its formally known ‘network marketing’ in order to bring the highest quality products to the consumer at a lower cost.

I was drawn to this business as not only do I have a passion for beauty but also for health and wellness and also generally focusing on developing a positive mind set and ‘can do’ attitude and surrounding myself with positive and likeminded people is so important; I have experienced far too much negativity in my working life and realised things needed to change. My goal now is to build my business and at the same time transform and inspire the lives of others. I love Arbonne and the products and I love being a massage and beauty therapist.

So now here I am at the beginning of my journey and I look forward to sharing it with you…